The design of a golf course is a far more intricate and sophisticated process than many people would think, as it requires not only a deep understanding of the game, but great vision and creative planning. Bobby Clampett Signature Design uses the topography and natural features of the land to determine how the golf course is to be planned. The goal of each course is to create a routing of holes that flow with the natural terrain, create the greatest variety of shots and encompasses the most possible natural features while respecting the environment.

My courses are classic, a blend of traditional design and innovative style. Having learned to play golf on the Monterey Peninsula has formed the foundation of my inspiration, resulting in courses that are beautiful, playable, fair and strategic. The visual impact of the tee shot is given utmost importance. The golfer’s eye is drawn to the ideal landing area. Natural elements are embellished and created elements are made to look natural. Approaches into the green fit the flow of the land and the strategy of the hole. The good golfer is challenged to hit the proper shape of shot, while the high handicap amateur golfer finds the course appealingly playable.

Visually interesting, strategic and fair sums up my course philosophy. Upon playing a Bobby Clampett Signature course, each hole will grab your attention. This I believe is a major mark of a well-designed course. Consistent visual flows will create a classic feel to the course. Creative design strategies with interesting and visually exciting shots will require intelligent game management. Shots that are marginally hit, will receive marginal penalties, while good shots will be rewarded and really poor shots penalized. A golfer can either use caution, playing it safe and avoiding hazards, or may choose to “go for it” and flirt with trouble. I design this risk/reward option throughout my courses.